FreeBSD Stuff

Here is my rather meager collection of FreeBSD related materials. You might find some other stuff in my public_html directory on freefall at

FreeBSD Splash Screens
A gallery of splash screens for use in FreeBSD 3.1 and above.
A simple tcsh shell script that greps for installed packages in /usr/ports/INDEX and reports the ones that are outdated and need updating. Note that there are a few rare exceptions that will result in up to date ports being reported as out of date. The only one I know of so far that does this is pgp-2.6.2.
A possible "Works With FreeBSD" logo design
A possible "Designed For FreeBSD" logo design
A very bad, concept-only, makes-stick-figures-look-good, idea for a set of branding images.

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John Baldwin

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